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Fashion Unisex HD Yellow Lenses Sunglasses Night Vision Goggles Car Driving Driver Glasses Eyewear UV Protection

Package include:
1 x night vision glasses

Color: Yellow
Lens Material: PC Explosion-proof Material
Frame Material: Plastic
Size: Shown in picture

Improve the driving at night, solve the problem of dazzle light!High beam can decrease the effectiveness of the dipped headlight, the strength of the dipped headlight can be reduced to small bulbs. Will not dazzle and could not see the road.The difference between this kind of night vision glasses and other ordinary glasses:ensures maximum visibility while prevent the dazzle/glaring light, make the vision more clearly.
Eliminate 99% reflected light and scattered light, make your vision more clear and soft
HLC,maximum isolation harmful uv rays, protect your eyes and vision
Lens strengthen treatment,effective of wear resistance, not broken, impact resistant
If you are myopia and often driving at night,this glasses will be your best choice.Because it is not only a night vision glasses,but also allows you to wear this glasses with prescription glasses at the same time.Not affect you drive because you can wear it one hand,very convenient,after wearing vision glasses the light is downy,clear and no discomfort.Although weight has increased,just wear a few times more you will adapt it.
Using composite technology,the realization of zero distance,the core module of the lens is polarized filter layer,the UV400 protection membrane on both sides can block all harmful UVA/UVB rays.The strengthen layer makes the lens impact resistance,anti-blowout,effectively prevent various hard harm to the lenses.